Candytopia 🍭

So lately I’ve been coming across some really nice art entertainment exhibits. One in particular that caught my attention was Candytopia. Attending with my friend Kaylin, I must say I felt like a big kid in candy heaven lol. From the main entrance featuring a gate titled Candytopia with giant lollipops and a yellow car. To the room of celebrity portraits made out of candy featuring Prince, Cardi B, Frida and of course Willy Wonka. Oh, and of course you can’t forget about the Marshmallow Pit. You’ll definitely feel like you’re in a candy factory. Candytopia is a fun-filled experience and children will most certainly love it. For my choice of outfit I was obsessed with a pair of statement pearl Crocs I purchased. So I decided to make a pair of pearl jeans watching a DIY video on YouTube finishing my outfit with a simple but cute black wrap blouse with white lining.

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