Ms. 27

My 27th birthday was an absolute blessing for me. I kept it extremely simple by attending dinner at Ruth Chris in Buckhead Atlanta with my wonderful friend Shaquana of 10 plus years. 3.16.18 by far has been one of the best days of my life, because of this blog. I truly wanna take the time out to thank all of the wonderful supporters I have. I appreciate you guys more than you’ll ever know. I have so much more coming up and I can’t wait for everyone to see, Stay Tuned….Lovedrobe Tailored Pants : ASOS

Lovedrobe Tailored Blazer : ASOS

Hair: Your Hair Majesty

Makeup: Brincess Dai


My name is Giannys Cruz but everyone knows me as Gigi. I’m now 26 as of March 7th (Pisces gang!) and from North New Jersey. I wanted to submit to your blog because, since our last photo shoot, I started learning self-love. I would describe my style as mixed; some days I do more streetwear, (like sneakers with a cameo hoodie), but I think I’m more girly (dresses, boots, and heels) 90% of the time. Today, I have more self-love than I ever have my entire life. I still have so much love to give myself but I’m learning. Your Instagram, your style and the energy you give off are so inspiring and I want to be that for other women as well. I’ve always had the body structure that I do (bottom heavy and a little top), but lately I’ve been obsessed with not caring what other people think and spicing up my own style. Also I’ve been taking full body pictures no matter what I think it looks like.

Year Of The Suits

Over the years I’ve been completely obsessed with suits for women, whether they’re tailored, loose-fitting, bold colors, or beautiful prints I’ve seen them all and I love them all. This year for my 27th birthday, I decided I want to wear a suit, which is something completely different from what I would normally do. To me, when I see women in suits, it represents business: someone who is about her craft and who is determined. Some may think that suits are boring with just typical colors and without a sense of fashion; but ladies, take a look at these lovely fashionable suits ranging from sizes 12-30. They are 3 completely different suits for the work day, noon, and night-time.  

For a suitable take on pinstripe, you have the classic look with more of a feminine feel.  This is a perfect suit to wear at the workplace during the day.Site: Eloquii

Looking for something that gives you spring vibes, pastel color, and soft tailoring? This long tailored blazer and wide leg cropped pants would look amazing in the afternoon sipping a cocktail with the ladies.Site: Eloquii

Looking to have all eyes on you when you step in the room? This magenta glitter wide leg pants suit will do just that for you.  This is the perfect suit for a birthday girl looking to make a statement and come alive in the night.


Styles By Nia

Q-Where are you from and what’s your age?

A-My name is Nia B. Williamson and I am 26 years old born and raised from Brooklyn New York

Q-When did you start working on your line?

A-I started my business in December of 2015.

Q-Describe your line in three words?

A-Raw, Renowned and Recherché

Q-What or Who INSPIRED you to start your business?

A-I have a lot of celebrity and designer inspirations, but I feel like my supporters really are the reason I was inspired to start my business. I’ve always had a personal love for fashion but I started taking that passion more serious and eventually went to school to obtain my degree in Fashion Merchandising.  After I graduated, I was not really sure what I wanted to do but I know it had to be fashion related. My best friend asked me to style her for her birthday, so I found her a cute dress and a clutch to where and I had this vision for fluffy heels. I actually referred her to someone who I saw on Instagram that made them at the time. She said “best friend, why don’t you try to make them?” so I did just for her and posted them on my social media and after that, everything changed for me. People loved them, I eventually started selling my work on Etsy. I received a lot of support, that really gave me the courage to start my business. I knew this was what I wanted to do for sure.

Q-Since starting your business have you had any setbacks?
Name one…

A- My only real set back was just me getting overwhelmed with all the success

Q-How did you overcome it?

A-It took me a while to overcome because I felt stuck. I know people loved my work and wanted me to continue selling, but my heart was not into it at that point anymore. I was so frustrated dealing with making orders, customers, branding, marketing, etc. that I was losing the main focus of why I started my business. I didn’t want to give my customers something that wasn’t made from the same love and passion I had when I first started,  I did a lot of self-reflecting and praying and just trying to remind myself that nothing comes easy, and that was all a part of the process. Eventually, things got better and I decided after some months off that it was time to get back to business.

Q-What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry?

A-I believe what sets me apart from my competitors in the industry is my “sass” I’m not afraid to try new things and make stuff out of the ordinary. I feel like my work is rare and you can’t be able to go into a local H&M or Forever21 & find what I create. You may find something similar, but it will not have that “Styles By Nia” touch. What also makes my work so different is that I custom make each and every item with my own hands. For example, 10 people can order the “Malanie Crossbody” and each bag will be different due to the customers preference; so each customer is never ever wearing the same thing. You still stand out no matter what!

Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

A-In 5 years, I definitely see my business expanding into a clothing line specifically for plus-size women. I also have hopes to open up a small store where people can come in person and buy my items as well.

Q- What do you want people to know about your product?

A-I want people to know that my products come out of LOVE. I want my customers to understand how many sleepless nights I am putting in, just to make sure every intricate detail is completely perfect for them. I want them to know that my products are timeless and unique.

Provide your social media and/or other contact information where people can see and/ or ask questions about your work

Instagram –

Facebook – Styles By Nia

Email –

Website – Styles By Nia

Twitter – @stylesbynia

All My Ladies

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to welcome you to my Plus Size Fashion Blog “ThreeSixteen”. My inspiration behind this blog are you ladies and my love for fashion. Growing up I’ve always received compliments about my style and the way I dress. This made me believe I can help other women. By starting this blog I hope to bring confidence and self love to all Plus Size Women out there. But most important, I want everyone to know and believe that you can be Plus Size and fashionable. I hope my passion and vision will inspire every Plus Size Women Out there. I hope you lovely ladies enjoy.

River Island Plus Crop Jacket : ASOS

Force II Military Hat : Sacred Hawk

Regular Fit Men’s Button Up: Oldnavy

Distressed Jeans: Forever21

High Wasted Denim Vinyl Pants : ASOS

The King of Pop T-Shirt: Pheitla