Summer Hot Sunnies

It’s that time of the year SUMMER when sunglasses are one of the most important accessories that no Women shall go without. From a Bedazzled fly look to a mean pair of Aviators here are some of my favorites Sunnies for the Summer.

Supa Fly Sunnies – Creamxnyc $45

Phlíp Aviators – Pea & Olive $35

Cher Oversized Square Glasses – Urban Outfitters $20

Resin Cateye Sunglasses- Zara $25.90

Funky & Chic

Ever had something you’ve been dying to wear but haven’t gotten the chance to because you’ve been waiting for the right moment? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I purchased these amazing Supa Fly Sunnies from “Creamxnyc”. One of her top seller sunglasses. I definitely had to make sure I owned a pair. Wearing my sunnies I attended “Career Girl Conference” for my look I wanted my glasses and shoes to stand out the most and that’s exactly what I’ve accomplished. With red tailored cigarette pants and a lovely white blouse I felt super chic and funky.

Supa Fly Sunnies- Creamxnyc

Cigarette Tailored Pants- ASOS

Maven Fur And Calf Hair Sneaker- Michael Kors

Gold MJ Bag And Watch – Marc Jacobs

My White Blouse Is From Rainbow

Dream Machine

Friday, May 4th I finally had the pleasure of attending “Dream Machine” with two of my girlfriends Monique and Shaquania and I seriously had a blast. It’s an interactive experience designed to be tactile and shareable. From the Neon Laundromat to the Hidden Galaxy room, definitely make sure you attend Dream Machine the last day is May 31st. Tickets sell out extremely fast so don’t wait until the last minute. As for my look, I wanted something contemporary that flowed and Palazzo pants are a big trend for the summer which inspired my look.

Floral Longline Kimono Forever 21

Floral Palazzo Pants Forever 21

Lace Bodysuit Ashley Stewart

Multicolor Sandals Zara

Gold M&J Bag Marc Jacobs

Chef Cheetah’s Kitchen

Q- Where are you from and what’s your age?

A- My name is Shaquania Arnold I’m 26 years old from Harlem, New York.

Q-When did you start cooking?

A- I started cooking around 10 years old professionally and certified I’ve been cooking for the past 4 years.

Q- Describe your business in 3 words?

A- Comforting Blessed and Loved

Q-What or Who INSPIRED you to start your business?

A- A few years ago a friend and I were having a random conversation and she brought the idea to my attention. I sent her a picture as a joke and she posted it on social media and the picture attracted the attention of some of our followers and I named my company CBC cake jars by cheetah lol.

Q-Since starting your business have you had any setbacks?Name one…

A-Yes I’ve had plenty of setbacks. Throughout my whole first year of starting my business, I was unemployed and going through a lot of personal issues so I wasn’t focused at all. I had about $20 to my name and I went and bought some cake mix and started selling cake jars. At first, I still wasn’t sure about any of this I wasn’t making enough money I was being hated on for no reason.

Q- How did you overcome it?

A- I knew one day I would have to overcome all of this so I stopped doubting myself and started believing in myself and then I began to educate myself and I signed up for a culinary training program. I graduated there in 2016 and that’s when Chef Cheetah’s Kitchen was born.

Q-What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry?

A-What sets me aside from the competitors in this industry is the way I handle things. I have the best of both worlds I’m book smart and street smart so I get it by any means necessary. I am a FEMALE HUSTLER. you can compare my kitchen to a Trap house as we would call it in the streets. It’s not just food in my kitchen there are other things too. I cook and sell food on the side from doing catering, cooking classes, private chef, meal prep, feeding the homeless tasting events and much more if you get where I’m going with this not to mention I bless all my meals before and after I prep my food is just something you have to have on your plate.

Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

A-In five years that will make me 31. I see myself running a team of my own caterers. I might be on vacation getting paid in the shade getting a call from one of my employees to tell me how their day went. I see chef Cheetahs kitchen taking off to a whole different level in the next 6 Months so five years I expect my business to be helping my whole family eat.

Q-What do you want people to know about your culinary skills?

A-I want people to know that I was destined to be a chef.From a younging burning pots and making salty eggs, from cooking for my sister and cousins when we were old enough to start watching our selves. From my grandma giving me instructions over the phone on how to make a turkey or watch her collard greens. From admiring my uncle Charlie when he was a chef coming home with gingerbread houses for Christmas. I have have have have have have been doing this cooking is my life. Culinary school only taught me professionalism and facts about cooking and make me never want to stop cooking. I’m too talented

Provide your social media and/or other contact information where people can see and/ or ask questions about your work 

Instagram : Chefcheetahskitchen

Phone Number : (646)685-9562

Facebook: Chefcheetahkitchen


My name is Kaylin August and I am a 20-year-old nurse from Brooklyn, NY. I can’t really describe my style because it changes all the time. I basically throw on whatever I could find in the morning since I’m always in a rush. I would have to say the biggest fashion trend I’m into right now is matching sets. I wear a 12-14 in bottoms and an L/XL in tops. Fashion Nova is always my go to because I know for a fact their jeans will always fit me. I think everyone needs to remember that they shouldn’t care what others think. If you wanna wear it then wear it!

Soeur Collections: Women Empowerment Networking Event

Saturday, April 28th I had the pleasure of attending “Soeur Collections Women Empowerment Networking Event” and it was lovely. It was amazing to be around a variety of women who are willing to uplift and empower one another. I wanna take the time out to congratulate Seniya and Tiffany on the success of “Soeur Collections” and soon to be grand opening of y’all salon. I wish both of you beautiful ladies nothing but success.


Hi, my name is Shaquania Arnold. I am a 26 your old Chef from Harlem by the name of ”Chef Cheetah”. I run my own catering business #Chefcheetahskitchen. I would describe my style as Stylish & Fashionably late. I am that last minute outfit type of woman. Literally hours before any event my outfits always seem to come together. I guess it’s true to save the best for last. I wear a 14 in jeans and XL-2X in tops. Some of my favorite stores are Forever 21, Fashion Nova Curve and NY & Company. I also find a lot of cute tops at Ashley Stewart & Rainbow.

20 Fashion Finds UNDER $50

When it comes to finding fashion garments for less, some ladies may think it’s impossible. This is especially true for Plus Size Women, since garments also tend to be a little pricey. This may not be suitable for everyone and that is okay. This is why I’m bringing you 20 fashion finds under $50!

Bonjour Graphic Tee Forever 21

Polka Dot T- Shirt ASOS

Pretty Dobby Sleeve ASOS

Amy Winehouse Tee Forever 21

River Island Plus Frill Midi ASOS

Stripe Mini Smock Dress ASOS

Whitney T-Shirt Dress ASOS

Ruffle Wrap Mini Dress ASOS

Skinny High Waist Jeans H&M

Skinny Regular Jeans H&M

Cargo Pants H&M

Cotton Chino Pants H&M

Faux Patent Brogues Zara

Public Desire Aries Red ASOS

Jalisse Embellished Espadrilles ASOS

Printed Fabric Slides Zara

Reversible Printed Bucket Bag Zara

Skinny Dip Fanny Pack ASOS

Suede Ring Grab Clutch Bag ASOS

Soft Black Bucket Bag Zara


Q-Where are you from and what’s your age?

A- My name is Bertha Martinez aka Pooky I’m  25 years old  from Harlem,New York.

Q-When did you start working on your line?

A-I’ve been working on it heavy since I was about 15 years old. I didn’t have a name for it until 2013 when my son was born. I always said my first business would be named after my son. Haisoj is actually Josiah backwards. My business name was inspired by my sons middle name.

Q- Describe your line in three words?

A-Personal, Glamorous and Divergent

Q- What or Who INSPIRED you to start your business?

A-Funny story! I’ve never had long hair growing up. All my sisters had long, healthy, pretty hair and I always felt like the ugly duckling. I used to tie long sleeve shirts and scarves around my head, put a scrungie on it and pretend it was my hair. Thinking about it my first insecurity about myself was my hair. My oldest sister would braid my hair in different styles and they were cute; but, while everyone was getting wash and sets with the cute twisties in the front and curls in the back, I had the baby ponytail or braids. One day, I believe I was like 10 when I discovered weave. I used to do my own ponytails, I later upgraded to doing glue ins, and they were everywhere lol but they were in and they were mine. From there I just kept going and now BOOM! The hair slayer was born.

Q-Since starting your business have you had any setbacks?

Name one…

A-Set backs, push backs, rewinds I’ve been through it all. Life has a way of humbling you. I’ve been on a high rise up until it became one of he most competitive industries. I started losing clients and business was slow…very slow. At a point of time I could literally live off of my income. Now I have to work a regular 9-5. So yeah…minor set back for a major come back.

Q- How did you overcome it?

A- I kept going. I’m not in it for the money I’m doing it because I love it. Indeed it was an income but it’s also my passion.

Q- What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry?

A- I literally love what I do. I didn’t just wake up and decide to start doing hair because everyone started wearing weaves and wigs. This is literally my life story and it was destined for me. Like God made hair a lifestyle for me not a hobby.

Q- Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

A- I’ve been thinking about sharing my exclusives with the world. I’m beginning my YouTube channel soon. In 5 years I’m hoping my YouTube channel pays for my sons college and the world just gets inspired 🤗🤗
Q- What do you want people to know about your product?

A- I would love people to know that there’s nothing wrong with loving and embracing you!! All of you!! But for those who deal with insecurities or just simply don’t like dealing with their natural hair from time to time my brand, my slay is here to cater to your every way. I have growing hands and everything I do…I do it with love.

Provide your social media and/or other contact information where people can see and/ or ask questions about your work

Instagram @HaisojHair

Facebook HaisojHair

Snapchat Pookalils