Candytopia 🍭

So lately I’ve been coming across some really nice art entertainment exhibits. One in particular that caught my attention was Candytopia. Attending with my friend Kaylin, I must say I felt like a big kid in candy heaven lol. From the main entrance featuring a gate titled Candytopia with giant lollipops and a yellow car. To the room of celebrity portraits made out of candy featuring Prince, Cardi B, Frida and of course Willy Wonka. Oh, and of course you can’t forget about the Marshmallow Pit. You’ll definitely feel like you’re in a candy factory. Candytopia is a fun-filled experience and children will most certainly love it. For my choice of outfit I was obsessed with a pair of statement pearl Crocs I purchased. So I decided to make a pair of pearl jeans watching a DIY video on YouTube finishing my outfit with a simple but cute black wrap blouse with white lining.

Thigh High Boots

With Summer ending it officially Fall. It’s that time of the year to bring out sweaters, cardigans, and one of the trendiest fashion looks for the fall Thigh High Boots. Below are a few designer Thigh High Boots that are specifically made for wide calf’s. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of boots as quoted Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” Marylin Monroe

Black Faux Over The Knee Boots: Torrid

Dayln Riding Boots: DSW

Reese Thigh High Boots: Shoe Dazzle

Fifi Flat Over The Knee Boots: Eloquii


Q- Where are you from and what’s your name and age?

A- Hi, My name is Penelope and I’m 29 years YOUNG!

Q- When did you start working on your line?

A- 2016

Q- Describe your line in 3 words?

A- Fun, Chic, Budget Friendly (that’s 2 words but that would be my 3 answers lol)

Q- What or who INSPIRED you to start your business?

A- I’m a pretty creative person and I have a few people around me that pushes me on the daily basis. I can’t really say something inspired me, it was more like an idea and I decided Why not?!

Q- Since starting your business have you had any setbacks?

Name one…

A- I’m not going to call it setbacks because for me I consider it more like learning experiences. I had some bumps along the way and it was either quit or push forward

Q- How did you overcome it?

A- I decided to push forward

Q- What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry?

A- Me, and I say that in the most humblest way.

Q- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A- In 5 years my goal is to be getting a couple hundred orders a day. In addition to having my own warehouse & showroom

Q- What do you want people to know about your merchandise and products?

A- I really work hard on everything I work on. I’m very specific on quality and detail. I will never try to offer something that I wouldn’t consider for myself.

Q- Provide your social media and/or other contact information where people can see and/ or ask questions about your work

You can follow my journey on Instagram @peanolive or check out my website I can be reached through both


Hey ladies so I’ve decided officially that I will be doing a contest giveaway every month. I wanted to take the opportunity to give back to others yet make it fun as well. One lucky winner will receive a $75 Gift Card of their choice from one of the brands listed below. For this month the contest will consist of the following rules.

1-Must Be Following __threesixteen Instagram

2- DM me a picture in your most recent fashionable and stylish out

3- Your picture will be featured on __threesixteen Instagram

4- The picture with the most likes given by followers, family, or friends will win 😊

*When submitting your picture please state your name, age, location, and a few words describing your personal style

*Last day to enter is August 5th the winner will be announced August 19th


This year for the first time I had the opportunity to attend Curlfest and I must say it was a great experience and all for the culture. Located at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY; To see so many beautiful women and kings from everywhere just enjoying each other’s presence. Flaunting their curls, 4c hair, coils, Bantu knots, goddess braids, and dreads it was breathtaking. Great vendors, good music, drinks and food It was a must you attended Curlfest this year. David Bowie Tie-Dye Tee: Urban Outfitters

Denim Distressed Shorts: Forever 21

Converse Chuck Taylor 70’s High Top: Converse

Here are a few pictures from CURLFEST


Q- Where are you from and what’s your age?

A- My name is Jasmine I’m 26 years old from Harlem, New York.

Q-When did you start working on your line?

A- I started working on my line May 2016.

Q-Describe your line in three words?

A-My line is Fabulous Street Chic.

Q-What or Who INSPIRED you to start your business?

A-My clients inspired me to start Cream. I started out doing 1 of 1 statement pieces for myself. I was often complimented on items I wore so I thought it would be dope to share these pieces with others. It started with just people in my community or a friend of a friend and now I’m shipping packages to Italy and I’m so grateful. I could share something so special to me with everyone.

Q-Since starting your business have you had any setbacks?

Name one…

A-I cannot say I’ve had setbacks yet. But I have experienced concerns with my price point and feeling like they are too low for some of my items. I want my items to remain under a certain price point so it is fashion that is affordable for all. Sometimes I feel my price point for certain items isn’t even worth me selling when looking at the profit outcome, but being able to share my style with others makes it all worth it. I’ll get the profit together sooner than later.

Q-What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry?

A-Well I’ll start off by saying just because there are so many other brands, it doesn’t mean we have to compete. There are so many clients that all have different styles and different budgets I think we can service them all without putting ourselves in competition with one another it takes many different pieces to put a look together and multiple brands can be apart of that. What I can say about my brand is that I pride myself in the quality and love that go into my handmade and my handpicked pieces.

Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

A-In 5 years I see Cream on some really positive and influential women. I would love to see Cream at an award show in a mainstream publication on your favorite celebrity, activist, entrepreneur, girl boss.

Q-What do you want people to know about your product?

A-I want people to know I’d wear everything that I offer to my clients. Each piece I choose to sell all are pieces that are special to me because I either handpicked or handmade it.

Provide your social media and/or other contact information where people can see and/ or ask questions about your work

Instagram: Creamxnyc



Stripes have become a major trend this summer in fashion. From straight, vertical and diagonal print. There are so many different styles when it comes to stripes. Now I can admit in the past I wasn’t a fan of stripes at all and I know a few ladies that can relate. I didn’t find it flattering for my figure and felt like it made me look bigger then what I was, but from seeing so many ways you can rock stripes. I’ve found ways I can rock them and compliment my figure at the same time. Here are a few Stripe pieces that I love from a few brands.

ASOS Curve Cut Mini Dress: ASOS

ASOS Design Stripe T-Shirt: ASOS

Lime Striped Woven Tie Waist Blouse: PLT

Striped High Waisted Leg Trousers: PLT

Paperbag Waist Skirt & Jacket: Forever 21

Striped Denim Jacket: Forever 21


My name is Nia B. Williamson and I’m 27 years old from Brooklyn, NY. My style is bold. I like what I like and I am not afraid to wear it. I’m very creative and I personally design a lot of my looks. I could be modest or over the top, I never know. The vision always changes for me. I don’t think you could look at my pictures and grasp a common style sense. I’m super spontaneous and versatile.