Winter Essentials

Ladies, it’s that time of the year when the weather starts dropping, the wind is blowing tremendously, and snow starts to hit the ground. We all know it as “Winter”. Around this time it tends to get a little difficult to be fashionable but yet also warm because of course nobody wants to get sick. With these winter essentials though you’ll be able to do both without no problem. Here are some of the go-to essentials I’ve chosen.

From Left To Right

ASOS Curve Leopard Coat: ASOS

ASOS Curve Fluffy Borg: ASOS

From Left to Right

H&M + Padded Jacket: H&M

H&M + Knit Wool Blend: H&M

From Left to Right

Easy Car Coat: Eloquii

Print Block Coat: Eloquii

From Left to Right

Patchwork Scarf With PomPom: Zara

Plaid Scarf: Zara

From Left to Right

Flannel Blanket Scarf: Oldnavy

Flannel Blanket Scarf: Oldnavy

From Left to Right

Tomato Felt Fedora: PrettyLittleThing

Basic Black Fedora: PrettyLittleThing

From Left to Right

PomPom Beanie: Zara

Beanie With Rhinestones: Zara

Stay Warm Ladies ♥️

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