Stripes have become a major trend this summer in fashion. From straight, vertical and diagonal print. There are so many different styles when it comes to stripes. Now I can admit in the past I wasn’t a fan of stripes at all and I know a few ladies that can relate. I didn’t find it flattering for my figure and felt like it made me look bigger then what I was, but from seeing so many ways you can rock stripes. I’ve found ways I can rock them and compliment my figure at the same time. Here are a few Stripe pieces that I love from a few brands.

ASOS Curve Cut Mini Dress: ASOS

ASOS Design Stripe T-Shirt: ASOS

Lime Striped Woven Tie Waist Blouse: PLT

Striped High Waisted Leg Trousers: PLT

Paperbag Waist Skirt & Jacket: Forever 21

Striped Denim Jacket: Forever 21

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