Q-Where are you from and what’s your age?

A- My name is Bertha Martinez aka Pooky I’m  25 years old  from Harlem,New York.

Q-When did you start working on your line?

A-I’ve been working on it heavy since I was about 15 years old. I didn’t have a name for it until 2013 when my son was born. I always said my first business would be named after my son. Haisoj is actually Josiah backwards. My business name was inspired by my sons middle name.

Q- Describe your line in three words?

A-Personal, Glamorous and Divergent

Q- What or Who INSPIRED you to start your business?

A-Funny story! I’ve never had long hair growing up. All my sisters had long, healthy, pretty hair and I always felt like the ugly duckling. I used to tie long sleeve shirts and scarves around my head, put a scrungie on it and pretend it was my hair. Thinking about it my first insecurity about myself was my hair. My oldest sister would braid my hair in different styles and they were cute; but, while everyone was getting wash and sets with the cute twisties in the front and curls in the back, I had the baby ponytail or braids. One day, I believe I was like 10 when I discovered weave. I used to do my own ponytails, I later upgraded to doing glue ins, and they were everywhere lol but they were in and they were mine. From there I just kept going and now BOOM! The hair slayer was born.

Q-Since starting your business have you had any setbacks?

Name one…

A-Set backs, push backs, rewinds I’ve been through it all. Life has a way of humbling you. I’ve been on a high rise up until it became one of he most competitive industries. I started losing clients and business was slow…very slow. At a point of time I could literally live off of my income. Now I have to work a regular 9-5. So yeah…minor set back for a major come back.

Q- How did you overcome it?

A- I kept going. I’m not in it for the money I’m doing it because I love it. Indeed it was an income but it’s also my passion.

Q- What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry?

A- I literally love what I do. I didn’t just wake up and decide to start doing hair because everyone started wearing weaves and wigs. This is literally my life story and it was destined for me. Like God made hair a lifestyle for me not a hobby.

Q- Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

A- I’ve been thinking about sharing my exclusives with the world. I’m beginning my YouTube channel soon. In 5 years I’m hoping my YouTube channel pays for my sons college and the world just gets inspired 🤗🤗
Q- What do you want people to know about your product?

A- I would love people to know that there’s nothing wrong with loving and embracing you!! All of you!! But for those who deal with insecurities or just simply don’t like dealing with their natural hair from time to time my brand, my slay is here to cater to your every way. I have growing hands and everything I do…I do it with love.

Provide your social media and/or other contact information where people can see and/ or ask questions about your work

Instagram @HaisojHair

Facebook HaisojHair

Snapchat Pookalils

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