Year Of The Suits

Over the years I’ve been completely obsessed with suits for women, whether they’re tailored, loose-fitting, bold colors, or beautiful prints I’ve seen them all and I love them all. This year for my 27th birthday, I decided I want to wear a suit, which is something completely different from what I would normally do. To me, when I see women in suits, it represents business: someone who is about her craft and who is determined. Some may think that suits are boring with just typical colors and without a sense of fashion; but ladies, take a look at these lovely fashionable suits ranging from sizes 12-30. They are 3 completely different suits for the work day, noon, and night-time.  

For a suitable take on pinstripe, you have the classic look with more of a feminine feel.  This is a perfect suit to wear at the workplace during the day.Site: Eloquii

Looking for something that gives you spring vibes, pastel color, and soft tailoring? This long tailored blazer and wide leg cropped pants would look amazing in the afternoon sipping a cocktail with the ladies.Site: Eloquii

Looking to have all eyes on you when you step in the room? This magenta glitter wide leg pants suit will do just that for you.  This is the perfect suit for a birthday girl looking to make a statement and come alive in the night.


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