My name is Giannys Cruz but everyone knows me as Gigi. I’m now 26 as of March 7th (Pisces gang!) and from North New Jersey. I wanted to submit to your blog because, since our last photo shoot, I started learning self-love. I would describe my style as mixed; some days I do more streetwear, (like sneakers with a cameo hoodie), but I think I’m more girly (dresses, boots, and heels) 90% of the time. Today, I have more self-love than I ever have my entire life. I still have so much love to give myself but I’m learning. Your Instagram, your style and the energy you give off are so inspiring and I want to be that for other women as well. I’ve always had the body structure that I do (bottom heavy and a little top), but lately I’ve been obsessed with not caring what other people think and spicing up my own style. Also I’ve been taking full body pictures no matter what I think it looks like.

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