All My Ladies

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to welcome you to my Plus Size Fashion Blog “ThreeSixteen”. My inspiration behind this blog are you ladies and my love for fashion. Growing up I’ve always received compliments about my style and the way I dress. This made me believe I can help other women. By starting this blog I hope to bring confidence and self love to all Plus Size Women out there. But most important, I want everyone to know and believe that you can be Plus Size and fashionable. I hope my passion and vision will inspire every Plus Size Women Out there. I hope you lovely ladies enjoy.

River Island Plus Crop Jacket : ASOS

Force II Military Hat : Sacred Hawk

Regular Fit Men’s Button Up: Oldnavy

Distressed Jeans: Forever21

High Wasted Denim Vinyl Pants : ASOS

The King of Pop T-Shirt: Pheitla

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